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How to Use a LEGO Cheat Code

TT Games’ LEGO game series are known for their make use of unlockable hack codes, which let players to find access to a variety of features like dual hold weapons and score multipliers. As is customary with these kinds of video games, almost all of the codes in LEGO Legend Wars: The Skywalker Favola can be activated by joining them by using a special menu that’s available via the temporarily halt menu or perhaps an in-game location. A few of these codes had been around for a while now, having come bundled up with selected Lego Celebrity Wars units and other purchasable items, whilst some are currently in the act of being rolled out.

There are a number of those codes inside the works, including some that may give players holiday-themed versions of some of the game’s most well-liked characters and vehicles. Other folks will allow helpful stud multipliers and other fun gameplay modifiers that can be used to make the encounter a little bit more wild. Using these codes is actually simple; simply struck the pause button, go to the Accessories menu and enter among the following open codes:

Some of these codes will unlock personas that were unavailable in the main storyline. This includes the infamous Sidious code, that enables players to try out as Emperor Palpatine and cause all manner of havoc throughout the game. Various other codes open helpful tools and browse around this site vehicles which can be used to make the experience of exploring the Superstar Wars world in a Lego-inspired much more enjoyable.

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